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April 11th, 2013, 11:22 AM
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First attempt, so don't laugh! I told you all I'm no artist.

I hadn't intended to do these last night at all, I was actually chilling out doing something else, but the image the angels wanted me to do kept coming into my mind. Then I had a headache and felt sickly looking at the computer screen. So I had to put it away and get my pencils and paper out.

So with this one, I didn't like the way the middle angel turned out in the end. I felt it should have colours on it, like a matrix, but I couldn't draw what I saw. What was cool though was that as I coloured I felt my hand being moved, pushed or swept quite a few times. They made the door on the left, I didn't.

I cropped it down to my favourite part to use on my FB page with today's angel message.

Then I felt I should do a second one. My brief for this one was to have the bold colours try to portray the liquidity of the angels - the fact that colours, energies, drip and trail in their wake. So this was my attempt at that. I didn't realise I was drawing archangels until they had me sweep my pencil up like an arm on the second one to cradle a baby, and I knew then it was Gabriel; then they had me sweep a shape in the centre of the next one that looked like it was holding a sword in front of his heart, and I knew it was Michael, and so on.
Not 100% happy with how Raphael and Azrael turned out.

Again, I chopped it down and used my favourite part of it when I created an event page for my upcoming angel workshop on FB today.

Incidentally, I'm not sure whether the little pink angels are romance angels, cherubim, or what. They always want the little hearts drawing on them, I don't know if they're my drawing guides or something? Any impressions?

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