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April 11th, 2013, 11:51 AM
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The counters one I've done before. The best trick I found was putting something they hate to step on on the counter.
Have you seen those floor mats that go under desks? With the little spikes to hold them in the carpet? Turning that upside down on your counter could work, they don't like those.
Another is tape. If you wrap some duct tape around a piece of cardboard and leave the sticky up on the counter, cats hate to step on that. After a few days, they won't want to get up.

As far as biting, what i've done is watch for when is the normal time they bite, then do that thing that makes them bite (but make sure I have a cup of water. get them wet when they bite) This worked with my cat... but I'm sure all are different. The counter thing was easier than the biting thing.

Good luck!!
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