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April 11th, 2013, 01:37 PM
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Update- 5 days late now and my boobs ache more than they ever have before! I'm pretty sure there are some new stretch marks on them as well. Yet another bfn this morning. What in the world is going on....

Thank you for the response!

We would love a baby but we decided not to go back to letting nature take its course till maybe the end of the year because of emotional reasons with the miscarriage. I know there's always a small small chance with withdrawl but I had always figured that if it happens while using the pull out method than its just ment to be since I've never used any other form of prevention (i have had bad reactions to birth control pills and get irritated by the material most condoms are made from) and have never had anything happen in the past.

I will probably test saturday if nothing has changed. I just had no clue if this happens a lot or if there really might be something going on.

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