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April 11th, 2013, 02:13 PM
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The only meal that's not eaten all together is breakfast. I eat with the girls at the table for lunch and dinner we all sit down together. DH is on 3rd shift so we do get to have dinner together.

I recently discovered she likes hard boiled eggs, so we'll be doing more of those for her, for sure! We attempted a veggie garden last summer and it bombed, lol! We got string beans out of it and the girls both tried them, they weren't huge fans. We're going to try again this summer. I usually try to have her pick a few things at the store that are healthy. Her faves are frozen blueberries and apples. She also really likes yogurt, which I could get more often as well. I took some cut up apples and oranges to a dinner a few weeks ago and no one really ate them. The next day I had the apples out and between Kaija and I we ate them all - about 5 apples worth of slices! Oops!
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