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April 11th, 2013, 02:57 PM
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I saw this on June DDC and it got me thinking. A member over there has a friend that is electing to have a C-section so "the baby doesn't mess up her lady parts". This is her first child and both herself and her husband are in the medical field. Everyone in June DDC seemed to be shocked that this was legal and people would elect to have a csection over a vaginal delivery.

I have had both, vaginal and csection (baby was breech). After my csection I told my husband I would have 10 kids if I had them by csection. I would much rather have pain in my stomach than not be able to pee or poo for weeks without SOO much pain. I may be the odd person out though. My recovery from my csection was much faster for me, I thought. I did have a few stitches with my vaginal birth but nothing bad, I just remember the recovery being worse than my csection. Of course the first 3 days were horrible and I felt like my insides were going to fall on the floor but after that my husband and mother basically had to threaten me to keep me from cleaning and doing everything because I really felt pretty good. I will be having a csection this time because of the past and really have no worries. This may be wrong of me and it may turn out to be a horrible experience, but my last was

What are your thoughts on people that elect to have csections???
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