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April 11th, 2013, 04:52 PM
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I think its alarming the number of C-sections that are given out in North America. I agree with NinjaCakes, C-Sections should be given only if they are medically necessary.
That being said, I ended up having a C-Section with my first child. I was open minded to the whole birth situation, not having strong opinions either way about 'natural' birth or 'meds' etc.
My C-Section was not an emergency and I felt pressured into it because my doctor literally told me 'her shift was ending and my family was all in the next room waiting'. I had only been in labour for 7 hours and the baby was not experiencing any stress. Who knows if I needed one medically but I did feel a bit cheated out of the birth experience. I could not help but wonder what would have happened if I just waited it out.
Indiana was a healthy happy baby and obviously I was not upset with the birth results. My milk did not come in for another week possibly due to C-Section. I also felt helpless in the first few days because I could not get up from the bed.
This time around, I elected to try a vaginal birth. I want to see which recovery is better as I've heard different things.
We'll see

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