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April 11th, 2013, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by ashj_1218 View Post
I know lots of folks who had placenta previa and had it move out of the way. It seems more common for it to move than stay put, it seems. Hopefully that will be true for you!

I do want to let you know, in case it has not come up with your doctor, that often women who are on lovenox are induced at 39 weeks to control the medication administration and lessen the potential for problems caused by taking the anti-coagulants (which can include earlier than expected placenta aging). It's not a hard and fast rule, it is, however, something you don't want to be blindsided by if your doc has never mentioned it at all. It's something to plan around and make sure your wishes are known ahead of time. It's obviously still possible to have a natural birth without pain medications even if induction is part of your plan.

I wasn't sure if this was your first lovenox pregnancy, which is why I mentioned it. I was not aware of it until about 25 weeks into my last pregnancy, when we (me and the doc/midwife) started discussing birth plans.

I have used Lovenox with all 4 of my previous pregnancies, and will begin using it once I hit twelve weeks with my current pregnancy. I was induced for my 2nd and 3rd. While I was pregnant with my 4th I found out that the inductions were not necessary as long as you are not planning on having an epidural. Lovenox increases your risk for spinal hemotoma so they don't want it in your system prior to you giving birth. They have you quit taking it 24 hours prior to the induction. I was upset because neither of the doctors ever bothered to tell me this. I only found out because I told my doctor I would not be using the Lovenox and would use natural blood thinners in order to avoid the induction. This was the same doctor I had with my 3rd. It wasn't until then that she told me I didn't have to have an induction since I wasn't going to have an epidural. Would have been nice to know with the previous baby. My 4th labor and delivery was the easiest I have had. I told my new doctor that I did not want an induction. She didn't try to talk me into one, thank goodness.
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