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April 11th, 2013, 07:11 PM
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We were using the soothie paci's. We started it when I realized Rowan had a tongue tie, in efforts to help him stretch his frenulum and get a better latch. It helped a lot and he seemed to sleep well with his paci. But lately he seems to have been indifferent. He liked it during the day, but didn't seem to care for it at night. So we ditched it. He doesn't seem to miss it at all. It only seems to have affected his sleep in the early morning (he doesn't seem to be sleeping as late). But his naps are fine and he goes to bed just fine at night. My daughter was the only one who took a paci out of my others, and when we took her paci away, we have her her teddy (who she still loves with a deep enduring passion to this day). So we gave Rowan his own lovie, a stuffed dog. He seems to really love it. I'm glad to have that over and done with, because for some reason I was expecting that to be a lot worse! Now I just need to get my 4 year old to stop sucking his thumb!
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