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April 11th, 2013, 08:55 PM
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My money came in Except it was only HALF what I expected because apparently I only get 1/2 now and 1/2 at publication, which is the END of the year. I'm still happy and spent the day shopping, but I won't be able to get EVERYTHING for the baby with this money. I'll probably wait until the beginning of next month to buy more and hope that I make enough money between now and June to order everything I need for the baby.

sounds like you are a woman on a mission, but bummer on not having the baby shower. I mean, definitely don't have one if you aren't into it--it's supposed to be fun for YOU so it's pointless if it's not! But, as someone who never really had a baby shower I didn't care then but I can now but now I don't have anyone to go to a shower anyway lol I think your idea to get your son in some groups so you can both meet people is a great idea, though!

WOW those are some crazy trees! But what a BEAUTIFUL setting! I wouldn't mind going for a walk in that area (assuming the neighborhood is nice).

We did some work on the girls room and I'm EXHAUSTED from it. I feel like crap now and I'm going to bed. But hopefully within a month the room will be done. I just need my husband to pick up some caulk, white paint, and red paint, and do some painting for me, and I'll be able to finish everything else
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