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April 11th, 2013, 10:56 PM
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Well I didn't make it known who I did and did not want to come visit after Megan was born and I regretted it sooooo much! Since I was knocked out for my c/section I was pretty in and out of it for the first day. My dad came to visit when he got off work and I was just waking up in recovery and honestly that didn't bother me. At that point DH had been with Megan for almost 3 hrs by himself. What I did regret at that point was immediately attaching myself to my cell phone to update everyone about the baby being born and attaching myself to facebook. I'm still pissed at myself for the pic I have holding Megan and texting when I hadn't even gotten my glasses back yet. So because people found out about the baby being born I had my 2nd cousin and her granddaughter show up and I was so **** drugged that I didn't fight it or tell them no. This time around if I do end up having a c/section in the morning or delivering in the morning I will make it known WAAAAAYYYY beforehand that for at least a few hours of me being fully awake and conscious it will be just me, DH, and the new baby. Then depending on time and etc I want Megan to come visit her sister and I will let my dad and DHs parents visit that night. I will allow everyone else to come and see us the next day because I feel I missed out sooooo much with Megan because of all the factors I described above. Last time I was more worried about everyone's feelings and less of my own. I wanted to please everyone else and let them see Megan before I really even did. Not this time! No way in heck! My family might think I'm being rude but it will make this much better for me and give us the time we need with our new baby.
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