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April 11th, 2013, 11:54 PM
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You are going to have to do what you need to do for the welfare of not only your baby, but for yourself as well. We had a hard time getting my milk to come in so whle they were working with me I had to suppliment formula for a while. I am breastfeeding now but I even pump and feed him for the overnight hours because I wasn't getting any sleep.

You might find that you can do the same thing once you get into the groove of breast feeding. You can feed her from the breast sometimes and sometimes you will need to bottle feed her breast milk. Just try to do your best with breast feeding. It is NOT easy at all, so don't stress yourself out about not being able to get it right on the first day. I have certainly learned that it takes some work.

If you truly want to breast feed just keep at it. Spend about 10 minutes trying to get her to latch properly then stop if it has not happened and feed her some pumped milk. Then pump more milk and try again at the next feeding to get her to latch.

Good luck and give yourself a break... it doesn't just happen for most of us.. it takes some work and training for both of you to get it right.
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