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April 12th, 2013, 01:16 AM
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I love them.. they are awsome and work great..and soon and you see your fist smiley face it will flash, letting you know u can possibly get pregnant.but and soon as you get your single smile with no flash u have 2 days to get it on. and you dont need to test cause the smiley face stays on there for those 2 days.. its like the clear blue monitor only cheaper it is so worth getting.also remember you cant test in the morning then test again the same day. you must use fmu from your longest sleep.. at least a 4 hour hold... it not like to the other ones when you can test in the morning then again the same day. you do it once each morning.and it keep track of your hormones each day like the monitor.. if you happen to run out of sticks u must buy a new box but dont use the new stick holder keep using the first one other wise it will think its a new cycle on the new one.

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