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April 12th, 2013, 03:19 AM
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I know my ticker says 6w2d but i think it's really 6w3d...anyway----

So, food aversions.....

The last few days I have had really crazy food stuff happening. The whole time, whenever I get hungry I try to graze, but not much sounds good these days. The other day someone was having spaghetti something and i could not WAIT to get home to have some myself. Then when I finally made some, it didn't taste as good as I thought, in fact, I wanted to throw up after I was finished. So spaghetti is out....

My first craving was ramon noodles with siracha sauce; now even when I think about it, it just churns my stomach. So that is out.

Yesterday, I had some Crystal Light (my favorite flavor too) and the aspartame flavor was so overwhelming that I don't think I can have anymore so that is out.....

Last night I reeeeaaaalllly wanted bagels and cream cheese and sweet potato fries (apparently White Castle no longer sells sweet potato fries ) so I picked some supplies up, went home, toasted a bagel while I waited for the fries to bake, and (there is just no other way to describe it) had a bagel orgasm!!! OMG!!!! I love bagels!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, as I'm writing this I'm thinking about bagels now...omg I love bagels. Hopefully this feeling wont go away....

Smells have gotten really overpowering lately. I can smell everyone's perfume and aftershave and it makes me cringe. My desk at work is right by the kitchen, so I smell every facet of ingredients in everyone's food. A lot of it smells like cinnamon for some reason, but then it starts to smell bad, like rancid meat with spaghetti sauce. I describe the smells as a literal punch in the face, they are so powerful.

Well, it's now 4:18 am (I'm up due to thirst and a potty break), and I'm gonna try to get back to sleep.

Night night

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