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April 12th, 2013, 05:13 AM
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1) What is your most treasured childhood memory?
When my mother was pregnant with my brother she had a very bad pregnancy and was in hospital for 2 months herself, then my brother was in hospital for 3 months after he was born, so I went to live with my Nanna, Nannu and Aunty (who was 22 at the time). I have such fond memories of those months, I was 5 years old. My Nanna and Nannu lived very simply and were very much still trying to live out their Maltese culture in Australia, they grew all their own veggies, they didn't buy much from the store, they also lived in an area with a very large European population and there were street parties on Saturday afternoons and open air markets. It was amazing.

2) What was your favourite childhood toy? Why did you like it?
I had a rag doll named Sarah and I was very attached to her, I don't know why, I had several rag dolls, but Sarah was my absolute favourite, she had purple eyes and blonde hair and wore a blue dress.

3) What was your favourite childhood show? Who was your favourite character?
I had so many, The Animals Of Farthing Wood was probably my favourite though, I loved weasel because she was funny and vixen because she was pretty. It's so strange watching clips of it on youtube though, if it came out now there would be no way that it would have made it into the after-school line up, I was watching a clip where all the baby voles are killed by hawks by being impaled on tree branches, I remember that episode and it did not phase me at all as a kid, but there is no way that would pass now. Come to think of it, the majority of the characters in that show died, the only one who died of natural causes was badger, the rest were all killed in some brutal way. The only one that upset me was when Sinuous was killed by the rats, but only because I also loved the snakes.

4) Who was your best childhood friend and what is your clearest memory of this person?
A girl named Breannon, clearest memory is of when she stayed at our house for a few days because her Mum and Step-Dad were addicts and she ran away from home and came to our house. She spent a lot of time with our family, but when she went into foster care she was placed somewhere on the other side of the city.

5) What is the best gift you ever remember receiving as a child?
My Aunty bought me a tape player one Christmas, it was a proper one, it was black and had two tape decks, the one I had prior to that was a kids one that was bright blue and had Snow White and Rose Red on it, so when I was 8 I was embarrassed of it, plus it didn't have a record button. I loved my new tape player, I made at least 100 tapes recorded off the radio.
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