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April 12th, 2013, 06:37 AM
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I made it very clear that no one was to be in the hospital while I was in labor. If it had happened spontaneously, we probably wouldn't have even called anyone, other than our neighbors to watch the dog. Since I was induced, everyone knew I was there, but not to come until we told them to. I just really didnt want the pressure of people waiting on me while I was in labor, which could be days long!

Anyways, I ended up with a c-section around 3:30pm. DH called our moms to tell them, I think once the c-section was decided since it happened pretty quickly, and they came up. Actually both our moms got there when I was still in the recovery room (I don't remember how long I was there, I didnt think it was too long?) Unfortunately, the drs wanted Juliet for some extended tests/watching since she had some heart rate issues when I was in labor (reason for the section), and was born with a true knot in her cord. So by the time I got moved to my regular room, I think our dads and sisters had shown up too by that time, before I even got to see my baby for more than the few minutes after the section! I didn't know all this was going to happen and was definitely still out of it a bit from the drugs. If I had known, I probably would have said no visitors til the next day.

So, this time around, I'm having a scheduled c-section so I know they will do that around 6:30am or something. Unless something crazy comes up, I figure DD will be at daycare that day, so I'll have DH's aunt (or whoever is visiting to help us with her) pick her up around 3-4ish and bring her to the hospital to meet her brother. Other family can come around 6-7 that night for a brief visit.

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