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April 12th, 2013, 07:27 AM
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I exclusively pump for my baby because she was a preemie and was in the NICU they bottle fed her at first so when I went to start BF'ing, she was getting confused & they did not want to stress her out since she was so tiny. I kept trying with her for a while and eventually just decided to pump and bottle feed.

However, if it's only been 1 day don't give up. It's not easy! Exclusively pumping is not easy either! In the beginning I was pumping every 3 hours on the dot, even overnight, even if she was sleeping I was up pumping. I've got a better schedule now but it's still very time consuming, but if you want your baby to get the benefits of breast milk & pumping is your only option, then def do it. Invest in a good quality pump though, I was using a Playtex at first and just recently bought a Medela Pump in Style and am getting at least 2+oz more per pump now.
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