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April 12th, 2013, 08:03 AM
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Thanks Nicholle

CD 13 - 1 DPIUI

So I had IUI#3 yesterday. It went fairly well. DH's numbers were down (65 million) but I know they are still good! We were just working with amazing before I had some CRAZY ovulation pains on Friday morning for a few hours, which I hope means the trigger was working and I was popping out all the eggs I almost couldn't stand up. Plus I was having O pains on my left side, which I never, EVER have. Everytime I go for an u/s they always say "you're going to/have o'ed on your right". Maybe my left has some good eggs that haven't had a chance

This is my first cycle with multiple dominant follicles, and my first with a trigger, so hopefully one of those makes a difference.n I'm trying to stay relaxed and positive. However, one of my darn dogs ran away down the street this morning (near a moving truck!) and gave me a near heart attack, so much for being relaxed!

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