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April 12th, 2013, 08:26 AM
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When DS2 was born my mom was at my house with DS1. DS2 was born at 7:40pm so we decided to wait until the next day to have DS1 meet him. So by the time DH brought them to the hospital it had been about 15 hours since DS2 had been born. We don't live anywhere near family so I'm not as worried about it but my mom (assuming I don't give birth before 36 weeks since that's when she's flying out here) will be here at my house with our boys and depending on the time of day Olivia is born I would like them to meet her that day (although I may change my mind and it also depends if she's born early or not). I already know that my dad won't be visiting until a few days after my due date since that's when he's flying out here and my sister is flying out a few days later. I have no clue what DH's family is doing and probably won't until a week before they decide to come out here (which annoys me!).

As for what to do, I think you make it perfectly clear to them that you are excited for them to meet your baby but that it is very important for you, your BF and especially the baby for you 3 to have time together just the 3 of you for ___ hours at least to have time to bond and for baby to figure out how to nurse. The amount of time is really a personal choice and of course can be changed once the baby is born. I also don't see anything wrong with waiting until you've been home a day or two before letting family come by to meet your baby. To me it's very important to have as much initial bonding time as you need and as much time to get situated when you get home as you need. They may be mad about it at first but once they actually meet your baby they'll get over it.
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