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April 12th, 2013, 09:13 AM
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I'm a guy that's 16, and I really need to know from moms who may know this, if there's anything I can do, ok? Any help is big! Ok, well I'm pretty strong willed. I've always swore that I could overcome anything if I tried hard enough. Well my mom found out that I'm ticklish, behind my knees. She has fingernails, not REALLY long, but still, she has nails. She's done this several times, sometimes when I have a friend over, in front of them. And it's embarrassing, because I CAN'T ignore her nails behind my knee like this! She moves them around kinda unexpected. It's like how someone types. 1st, then 4th, then 3rd, then 2nd fingers, she moves them like that, but FAST! And BARRRRELY touching, uggghh! I've tried holding out, ignoring it, but it's no use. I'll squint, whine, and then be all "Agggggh OK!" and my knee just turns to jello and starts shaking, ugh! Trying to use willpower to ignore it like I do on other stuff doesn't work on this when she does it. She'll smile big like she's all happy she got me that easily, knowing how I am and the fact I can't hold it in or ignore it. Once was in front of a girl and guy that are friends of mine, and the girl was all 'Hahaha!" when she saw my mom doing it, saw my reaction. Any of you know what I mean by how she does this, this kind of tickle she does? Is there any way, mind tricks, or anything I can do, that you know of, that will work to ignore it when she does this? Just once I want to show her that it doesn't work on me! She knows my willpower hasn't worked and I gotta find some way! Or am I just out of luck, there's no chance? I figured you ladies, being mothers, you will know! So if you know, thanks a lot!
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