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April 12th, 2013, 09:47 AM
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I know I am going to piss off my mom & dad, and DH's mom & dad but I want NOBODY there. Period. I want nobody in the waiting room making me feel pressured, I want nobody calling asking for updates... leave us alone. I am a FTM to twins, I am scared out of my mind about everything, especially bonding with TWO babies and BF TWO babies. I need time to be with them, I do not want to play "pass around the babies". It's going to be hard enough for DH and I to juggle them. Not to mention, they will likely be here early, could need the NICU ect. I don't need stress from other people. Oh and we are doing placenta encapsulation which I know people think is weird, I don't need people judging and asking "what's in the cooler, why is DH leaving you so soon" when he has to drop it off to the lady doing the encapsulation within 2 days of delivery.

I am also leery about visitors at home in the days after birth, this is our parents first grandchildren on both sides so I know it will be hard for them to be kept away. But I seriously don't want them here interrupting my bonding time and learning time with my babies. I told my mom early on visitors will not get to just sit and hold the babies, they will have to help out too, dishes, cooking, laundry, ect. She gave me a shocked look... ugh not a good sign of things to come with her.
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