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April 12th, 2013, 09:52 AM
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Lurking here from the Oct. DDC (I thought this was an interesting discussion... hope you don't mind!)... I'm a pretty firm believer in letting people do what they want to their bodies. But when someone has a dumb reason like that for wanting an elective c-section, it makes me wonder if they're really aware of the possible consequences. For instance, a c-section baby is more likely to have fluid in its lungs and require a NICU stay. Also, a c-section scar can impact future pregnancies... I just had a friend who had a subsequent pregnancy implant in her c-section scar, and she not only had to terminate the pregnancy, but almost needed a hysterectomy and was told she can't have any more babies. When there's some medical reason for the c-section (like previous bad tearing, previous c-section, baby is breech or large, etc.), then fine. But if someone is just worried about the cosmetics, perhaps she should at least become more informed about all the possible consequences for both herself, her child, and her future children (if she plans to have any). Then if she wants to still go ahead and do it, then I guess that's only her health and her babies' health at risk, and it wouldn't be my place to say anything. But I'd expect that her doctors could (and should) refuse to undertake such a risky procedure that is not medically indicated at all.

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