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April 12th, 2013, 10:46 AM
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Im lurking here from March DDC

When my daughter was born I had all these ideas that I would breastfeed my baby girl for a year. I figured since I had exclusively pumped for twins, and almost exclusively breastfed my older daughter (some formula in beginning) for 6 months that this wasnt going to be a problem.

Well I was dead wrong.

My daughter is a very impatient stubborn child and alot of the times when I breastfeed here she pulls a diva-like hissy fit. So pumping it is.

She now breast feeds almost every morning, but usually has bottles throughout the day. I hope to get her mostly on the boob, but if not I hope to be able to keep pumping. Just remember to at least keep trying to get her on the breast to keep supply up (a pump cant empty you like a baby can) and pump every time after she eats (this is the hardest part)

YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM!!!!!! I cant stress this enough. You have a beautiful baby girl with a nice full belly. That is what matters! I would recommend seeing a few LCs though, day one is still early!

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