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April 12th, 2013, 11:13 AM
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babysat the babies last night -- it went so well. all were asleep by 8pm and then i got to use their netflicks and watch 4.5 out of 7 episodes of the first season of downton abby. i get the storyline so much better now since i jumped in midway through season 2 and didn't know the back stories.

today my son and his family are using my van to go to LAX to pick up their new puppy (who weighs about 20 pounds at 8 weeks old!). he is a cain corso (?) that they are going to call Nero. i don't like big dogs, by the way. not sure whats gonna happen next time i have to babysit. ugh....

today, i slept till 8:30 (not without interruptions but still i slept in). its now 10 and i am still in my jammies! lazy day for me. i do know that my son is going to help me rearrange when he returns my van later this afternoon so at least i can clean the downstairs of all the clutter that came from my office.

as i told you (i think) i bit off my acrylic nails on tuesday night so today may lead to a new set -- i can't grow my own nails to save my life. i am a biter. ick!!!!

thats all i got for now.....
what goes around, comes around.....
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