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April 12th, 2013, 12:19 PM
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With my son, he had a terrible latch and I was all worked up the first night or two because I just wasn't making any milk or colostrum and he was screaming and it just wasn't working. We ended up supplementing with formula for a night or two until my milk came in. It was just a day behind when I needed it.

With Ingrid, I also was a little slow with the milk, but I was much more relaxed. She wasn't into the formula, so I had to "buck up, buttercup" which was fine. I was much more relaxed. I drank a ton of water, was ready to have the nurses help, and could recognize that she had a great latch- which is huge.

With my son, it was horrible for like 6+ weeks as we figured out how to make it work. This was mostly because his latch was bad. This time, my milk is on much higher production (partly because I put her to breast often and also because I'm keeping up my water intake and also because her better latch empties my breasts better) and it is much easier. It still hurts though- not bleeding cracking nipples pain, but still not nothing. The nips are a little pink and irritated here 10 days in- but I know it will improve. I've been doing compressions while nursing which helps her be encouraged to eat more (she gets more milk faster when I'm manually pushing the milk down the ducts into her mouth) and signals to my breasts that they are empty and need to up milk production.

If you want to BF, keep it up. It WILL take time. It probably WILL hurt for a while. BUT it WILL get better. I promise. And if it's something you want and you both deal with the learning curve, it is very rewarding having your wee one snuggled up skin to skin on your breast, knowing you are comforting and feeding her. And if it's too much stress, stick to pumping. I personally HATE pumping and will do just about anything to avoid it!!

You CAN do it!

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