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April 12th, 2013, 01:29 PM
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Lucy (right? *blush*), I have always wanted to try Flips! Do the covers wipe out? What do you think of the inserts? I trifold my prefold diapers and stuff them into the covers. They work so well that way for me. Do the inserts that Flips make irritate baby's skin at all? Philip is SO sensitive.

And for anyone's addiction, I bought my Blueberry covers off the clearance section of their site for $9 brand new!!!! They *claim* they have a snag in the material and that's why they are so cheap, but I have only found one snag out of all 7 that I got. I have issues so I might be getting more..... LOL Don't tell hubby! I will say the buttons fit better on my tiny boy then the velcro. How crazy is that?
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