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April 12th, 2013, 01:47 PM
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Our c-section was scheduled super early in the morning so our family waited until a few hours later to stop by. But that wasn't the case with my first born and everyone was there, which was awful because I was knocked out after a slightly traumatic c-section. One of my husband's family came in right when visitors were being asked to leave and got mad that he hurried her. People can be very rude when it comes to babies.

Honestly, if you don't feel you can just tell them to back off, I'd tell them that your hospital (or individual doctor) requires a certain amount of time to pass before visitors come. Or if you think you will deliver early, tell them the doctor wants you to lessen the chance of the baby getting sick.

As far as this time goes, my dad and step-mom will be traveling up here for the birth (since they weren't here for the others) so I'll let them come as early as they want, but mostly because I know they would give us our space. My GMIL and GFIL also can come whenever they want to but they also have no problem taking a walk when I need to nurse the baby and they stay long enough to enjoy the baby but not long enough to make me want to punch them lol

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