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April 12th, 2013, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by GranolaMama View Post
Is it your care provider or your hospital? If your Dr/Midwife says you don't need an IV (etc..), then you don't have to have one. Period. Was your Dr in agreement with your desires and Birth plan? If not, are their any other providers you could use for backup? I'm sorry you feel so out of control. It saddens me that moms have to fight so hard simply to birth in peace! ((Hugs)) mama. Try not to stress too much. Take it easy and keep that baby baking! but know that in the end, everything happens for a reason. I wish I had more to offer!!
My first two pregnancies were with "midwives" that were really just mini OBs. but they knew my birth plan and approved of it. the HOSPITAL would NOT leave me alone, though. I knew I had the right to refuse it, but they just would NOT stop bugging me about it. Hopefully this won't come up--I feel good about making it to "term" this pregnancy, like my last pregnancy, though some days I get cramping and then I start worrying all over again. I DO NOT want to have this baby in a hospital. But more than that, I don't want to be unprepared if I do have to. As long as I make it to 36 weeks, my REAL midwives (not mini OB, but the one I used my last pregnancy) will let me use the birth center. I think if I ended up in the hospital they would support my birth choices with more advocacy than my last midwives, but I'll have to ask if they would be there with me the whole time if I end up in the hospital for any reason. I'll ask that at my next appt.

Originally Posted by 4 boys View Post
Is there someone you could have with you to help you fight for what you want? That's what I'm doing this time. I have to have a hospital birth because I was unable to get a midwife so besides DH, I am bringing a friend along to be an advocate (she's attended my last 3 births so she knows what I want). That way I don't have to focus so much on fighting for myself.
That was useless last time I tried I suppose I could hire a doula, but the thing is I only need on IF I have the baby in the hospital. I really can't afford $800 for doula right now, either, so paying for one I might not need . . . I just can't bring myself to do it. No friends/family in the area, and DH sucks at the job, plus I need him there for ME not for talking to doctors that don't respect my wishes.
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