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April 12th, 2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ahruska View Post
So say what you want now b/c in the moment it may not get enforced and I wish we had that time alone and for me to get cleaned up before the extended family came to see her.
That's exactly what I'm worried about. My doctor told me they will not put us in the public registry at our request and I can tell the nurses we don't want visitors. I really don't want to go that route though. If they don't know before hand they might show up during labor and have to go back home, and that would surely tick them off. I'd rather they be mad at me now and get over it by the time she comes. Also, almost all of my family live out of town. I don't expect anyone to come rushing up as soon as she is born but on the chance that someone did, I wouldn't want them to be turned away after driving here. Better that everyone knows up front so we can avoid any drama. She'll still be the same baby for them to see the day after she's born as the hour after she's born.

Originally Posted by MeggysMommy View Post
Last time I was more worried about everyone's feelings and less of my own. I wanted to please everyone else and let them see Megan before I really even did.
That's the kind of person I tend to be. I don't like conflict. I feel very strongly about this and don't want to have to deal with any craziness during such an important time. Better to have people ticked at us than for us to miss out and have regrets, right?

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