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April 12th, 2013, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Anitha View Post
15 weeks 5 days April 12 2013
Out with the nausea in with the migraines lol. Thats how it is right now. The nausea has gone done a lot. BUT I still have the sour taste going on after eating most foods. I have migraines on and off...have one right now. But hopefully it will go away soon. So far I had one that lasted 3 days straight. I hope that doesn't repeat! My belly is rounding out and getting more noticeable
My next appointment is on April 19th. And I can't wait. I am having one niggling issue...with DD i didn't feel baby move until 16 weeks and even then it was those butterfly flutters, but this time I started feeling movement very early one at 9 weeks 5 days. But the problem is it hasn't gotten frequent or stronger. For the last two weeks, I haven't felt movement at all and it's definitely starting to worry me. I can't wait till the appt and hear the heartbeat!
I was just telling hubby that I have not felt this baby in almost two weeks as well. It is sort of scary, but we both probably just need to relax... most times you don't feel regular movement until around 16 weeks. i hope your appointment goes well! (even with my second baby, who started moving at 9 weeks and hardly ever stopped my whole pregnancy, she occassionally would go a week without me feeling her) Good luck at your appointment on the 19th, mine is the 22nd and it will be the first time we get to hear a heartbeat, I'm so excited!
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