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April 12th, 2013, 03:27 PM
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I agree most don't know how to respond cuz they never been through it and even when u been through it you never know exactly what to say or not to say. I don't discuss my infertility with nobody cuz I honestly believe that they don't understand. The few that knew bout the mc said they were sorry blah blah and then say well it will happen again don't worry about it. "don't worry about it" ugh if only its that simple. They think bc I have 2 other kids that "hey its not like you cant get pregnant" I feel as though I have no one talk to cuz no one understands. I know that its on God time and not mines and let go let God but every now and then it stings and I wonder why me. My sister has fertility problems as well but everytime we talk about it she says "at least you have kids" So I stopped talking to her cuz I don't like feeling that my infertility shouldn't sting because I already have kids. It hurts dam it... Im in tears writing this cuz I keep it all bottled up. Especially since now I have this illness that could keep me from ever giving my husband a child of his own. Im sorry that is all...

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