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April 12th, 2013, 07:47 PM
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So ladies,
'techincally' we haven't started fertility...waiting on AF...BUT I did have my hsg this month. We still tried to bd around the time I thought I was ovulating-after the hsg procedure- (I don't temp/chart).
Well for about 4 days I've had this "twitching" low in the center of belly. I'm on cd 23 (usually a 28d cycle)
I will say this....I'm usually not a symptom searcher. After Trying actively for a baby for well over 2 years, 1 pregnancy with hardly any symptoms....and 1 ectopic... I just don't play into much....
1 symptom I did have with both pregnancies- early on- severe gagging when I brush my teeth...and I don't have that this time, so I'm still really's just been very odd for me!!!

Anyone have experience like this!!!????

(I just keep thinking what if!)

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