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April 12th, 2013, 08:25 PM
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It's weird because I know I had a crap ton of clothes for him but I'm not sure where they all are, lol. I know I didn't have many in size NB; I guess most of them must've been 3-6 months and he isn't fitting into that too well yet so I must've put them away somewhere. We do have tons of onesies, really cute ones, but a lot of them are long sleeved and it's too hot for that here now. I've been shopping a bit though, and it's sooooo fun. I'm ready to dress him like a little man, which my mom hates, lol. She thinks babies should be dressed like babies for the first two years of their lives, which means lots of sleepers and bubble outfits and smocked suits. Yesterday I put him in a tiny white polo onesie and navy shorts and omg I could've died of the cuteness.

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