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April 13th, 2013, 07:25 AM
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Hi mommies

Went to a gp, to make sure he is okay and I heard his heartbeat its 153 bpm... So luckily he is okay first time jitters got the best of me. The doctor was abit silly tho. He told me that babies don't move at all in the 1st 24 weeks of pregnancy, the babies remain in the same place and legs and arms doesn't move at all and the best one was that you can't even hear a heart beat at 18 weeks. He said the kicks that I feel are my intestines. Witch I think is strange because my husband can feel him kick when he puts his hand on my tummy.

I don't know where this doctor got his medical degree, but he was very suprised when he heard my boys heart beat over a doppler. Its shocking. But luckily I heard his heart beat and it wasn't 2 hours after the doctors vist then he decided to move again! Murphy's law! So all is fine, thank you for all the advice and support! Hugs!
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