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April 13th, 2013, 10:03 AM
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Right, there are ways to get excluded. Parents can choose not to vaccinate on grounds that it is against their religion or other types of beliefs. You sign a waver and hand it into the school nurse. I know PLENTY of people who have done this and it's illegal for the state to force a parent to vaccinate and refuse education on those grounds.

Unfortunately many schools will try to force parents into it and most parents are not even aware that vaccines are not mandatory.

As far as risk to the baby, it could be that a fresh inoculation could cause the baby to get sick. I know children who wound up getting the illness that they were being vaccinated against and THAT would pose a risk to the baby. The chicken pox vaccine is a live virus and the risk of the six year old getting CP is higher than if the virus was dead. Also, there is a risk that she could infect the baby if she herself doesn't get pox.

I hate that the school is making it a power struggle, I agree there must be more to it.

ETA: As far as risking other kids by NOT having the vaccination - what exactly are they at risk for??? The ONLY risk to those other classmates is that they could get chicken pox from her if she were to catch it... chicken pox ARE NOT DEADLY. They are an inconvenience and uncomfortable. There is no real threat from them and no need to vaccinate and the idea that her classmates needed to be protected from her is idiotic.

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