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April 13th, 2013, 10:11 AM
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Good morning, ladies!

Amira, sorry you need a filling, hopefully it's not very painful.

MIL--I love big dogs. I understand they appear more threatening, but, in general their energy level is so much lower than a small dog's and they're just big softies. I hope you and the new dog get on well.

Farmer Wife--$120 for 90 minutes of psycho babble? Sign me up too! I hope you guys had a nice night out!

UrbanMomma--I agree, Hunger Games movie wasn't the best (and I totally agree with the rest of you about how the series ends!) But, even a bad movie and ice cream still sounds like a pretty nice night! And it sounds like you earned it with poor Canaan's crying. Do you think it's teeth or just his age? I hope he settles soon.

Mom2Many--My left mouse button is sticky! And it's not my kids, it's the hubby! I told him he's forbidden to eat while using my computer but he does what he wants. I had to actually use a degreaser on my mouse a couple weeks ago. I have no idea what he was doing. Eating ribs? Rubbing it with bacon? It was gross. And sorry about the dryer blowing fuses. Did you have an electrician come out? I know we had to upgrade the outlet and dedicate a new fuse for it when we switched from a single to double oven. I hope you figure it out soon, it sounds annoying and expensive!

I had a follow up ultrasound yesterday. At my gender scan they found "something" in the placenta and sent me to the high risk doctors. I was really hoping to make it through ONE pregnancy without needing the high risk specialists. But this one isn't it. Maybe next time?
They found a tumor in the placenta. It's a non-cancerous vascular bundle called a chorioangioma. It's right where her umbilical cord attaches and it's medium to large in size (they just described it in those terms, I was surprised and didn't ask for the numbers but I will when I talk to my regular OB on Monday. Right now she's growing and very active and the blood flow looks good. But they're concerned. They told me that due to the size and placement and the fact that my fluid levels are already high they are concerned about the baby developing hydrops, which would be pretty serious. They're also concerned about growth restriction. So I go back every 2 weeks now for ultrasounds and maybe NSTs in between, depending on how we're doing. They said this also puts me at increased risk for pre-E, preterm labor and placental abruption in addition to a variety of other more obscure less likely complications. It was definitely a scary appointment.
But they also told me there is nothing I can do to make it better or worse, so I just wait and pray and go to my appointments and be glad to see her more often. Hopefully, this will just be a really long 18 weeks and we won't have to deal with other complications. I have faith this baby is meant to be with us and will come home with us but I feel so helpless and more scared than I'd like to be.
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