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April 13th, 2013, 10:21 AM
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Went and bought most the stuff I need for my garden. Might need more plants but I'm gonna see how it looks with what I got already. I didn't really think about how I was going to have to get all that stuff to my patio by myself with a toddler. My apartment is tucked in the back away from the parking lot so it's a bit of a trip each time.
It started raining right before I started unloading it too. I put Alex in the stroller and just walked back and forth with stuff while pushing her. (We're still working on her staying near me when I let her walk and I didn't trust her to not try to run off)
One of my neighbors happen to be outside on one of my trips and she let me park Alex's stroller with her and let me borrow a wagon so I could finish easier. Though at that point I had already moved 2 big bags of dirt and 2 big bags of mulch, plus most the plants (I put some them in the stroller basket each trip from the car). The last 2 bags of mulch were much easier at least lol.
Now it just needs to stop raining so I can work on it.

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