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April 13th, 2013, 11:38 AM
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Honestly, $4000 doesn't sound unreasonable. Our midwife charges about $2500 for a homebirth and $3200+ for a birth center birth. Depending on your area, of course. Does your midwife work with a billing company? Cause you can always work out a payment plan. Ours gives a % discount for paying in full before 32 weeks, could you get a deal like that?

Have you weighed out your insurance costs versus a homebirth? If we had to pay through insurance, it would be a $5000 deductible plus 20%, versus the midwife fees out of pocket. No brainer, the midwife is cheaper. Of course that assumes everything goes according to plan.

If having a homebirth is a priority to you, and not just a fun and exciting new option, then you need to prioritize your spending to match. Our payment plan was about $400/mo and we just happened to pay off our car which was about the same, so it worked out.
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