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April 13th, 2013, 12:03 PM
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Good luck with your home birth! We are going to have our first home birth in a week or so, and I am getting so excited Our first was a great natural birth in a birth center and this time I'm using the same midwife but at home.

As far as interviewing her initially (cause we went to an OB for the first 17 weeks for #1), we asked to see her stats for transfers to hospital, c-sections, and other complications. We asked her her experience and who she works with as backup. She has 20+ years as a pedictric nurse and is a certified nurse midwife as well. So she's seen everything, basically.

During my first birth, I was upfront about my concerns and she was very attentive to my needs but assessed and made her own decisions as well. When I walked into the center and said I had some bleeding, she immediately said it could be cause for a transfer. Then she saw how much blood it was and reassured me it was normal.

If we had to transfer to the hospital from the center it would have been a 10-15 min trip. If it was an emergency (not just me needing pain meds), she would have called for an ambulance transfer and had the benefit of emt's to work on me or the baby. For my homebirth, it is about the same distance away to a different hospital.
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