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April 13th, 2013, 03:49 PM
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I went in for an induction with my daughter but didn't tell anyone who wasn't on a need-to-know basis. Since she was my first, most people that we told still assumed I'd still be in labor the next morning (induction started at 7pm). Well, Isabelle was born at 2:37am. Steve's plan had been for his parents to be there when she was born, and they weren't. My dad and my brother were in the waiting room, my best friend, my mom & Steve were in the labor and delivery room with me. That's pretty much my whole support system.

We didn't specify a time, but we also didn't post her birth on facebook right away. We waited and we also asked that no one else post pictures of her until we did - it sounds kind of petty, but I just think it's so rude when friends and family you sometimes hardly see come in, take pictures, and post them all over the internet when you might not want them there.

Luckily for me, our peeps were pretty good about giving us some space. It was only every once in a while I got a little overwhelmed with all the visitors (i.e. I ended up with a pretty severe UTI and my nurse was an idiot and skipped me for rounds, so my fever went unnoticed and then during shift change we had a million visitors and I felt terrible and still tried to keep on a happy face for all the people standing around my bed).

BUT! Most importantly...
I think you just need to be clear as to what you and your BF want. I understand your personality is not the type to cause a ruckus or hurt other peoples feelings, but this is a time for you to stand up and be heard for the best interest of you and your family. It's you, BF and baby that come first now. Everyone else can wait.

Good luck <3
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