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April 13th, 2013, 05:13 PM
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Glad to see there is going to be some productive action tonight! Finally!!

Originally Posted by RNOVICK View Post
Today I got the Smiley face on on the CB stick this morning! Looks like we will be doing the Wild Monkey Dance tonight. This morning DH neck and back were giving him troubles so we didn't even attempt BDing before the kids for up.

Hopingforonemore- it's great that you have a positive attitude. I really hope you get you BFP. Are you still doing your acupuncture? The thought of having little needles sticking out of my body freaks me out just a little. I only got over my fear of giving blood after my 1st pregnancy. Shots still freak me out and I try to get out of them. I've lied about the last time I had a tetanus shot way too many times.

Divermom- I have FB Renee Vaux-Novick. Before kids I could never get enough. After kids I couldn't stand the thought. I thought I was becoming a Born Again Virgin. I also had my IUD and never had my period and that could have something to do with losing my sex drive? Now I want it all the time and DH can't keep up.

We are going actively TTC until September and after that we are going to NTNP approach. At least that is the plan for now. I just want to conceive before my 40th.
IUD's are evil and the spawn of Satan in your ask me. I was miserable until I had mine removed. No sex drive, a big b*tch, and depressed. When I had it removed I went back to normal. They are BAD.

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