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April 13th, 2013, 08:17 PM
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It's in the 40s and 50s here which is still pretty chilly but not too bad. I only bought cheap plants so I'm not too worried about it if they all die. I'm just gonna kinda throw them in there and see what happens lol.
Now I just need it to stop being crazy and raining/not raining every 10 minutes.

That's an expensive anniversary Dee!

Hope your showings go well Caroline!

Ugh. I messed up and ate really really terribly today. Like WAY over my carbs. I was out shopping until almost 5 and starving so I went to a drive through and accidentally ended up ordering 2 meals. I was going to order just a sandwich for me and give Alex the fries and get her an order of chicken. Well without thinking I ordered a chicken meal for her and a sandwich meal for me. Fries are my vice, I used to eat SOOOOO many french fries. So once I had this entire extra order of fries I couldn't bring myself to throw them out and not eat them. (lame excuse I know) It's the first time I've eaten junky carbs in almost 3 months and I feel like absolute crap. bleh, now I remember why I've stopped eating them. Hopefully I stop feeling awful soon and it doesn't set me back too far diet wise.

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