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April 14th, 2013, 05:36 AM
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I is hard. I want to make it to the end of April and then I'll probably call it quits. I haven't taken a recent belly picture of my own but we did get some maternity ones done last weekend. As soon as I get them back I'll have to post some. I have been SO bad about taking pictures. I guess I don't feel the change much so I just don't do it. I never thought I would be this way. I thought I would be the every week type of person and never miss a week. Yea right.... I think I've taken like 4.

So far these babies show NO signs of wanting out. Which I'm happy about but I'm also like...crap they're going to have to induce me at 38 I don't want that either. I would just prefer for them to come on their own anywhere between 36 and 38. My cervix is still crazy long for twins at this stage. I'm impressed actually for not being natural my body is doing pretty good. Baby B has decided to flip head up. So his head is now shoved in my ribs. I have to say, I preferred the feet kicking because it seems like he is ALWAYS turning his head in someway. So there is hardly a moment in the day where I don't feel him moving. A on the other hand I can hardly feel but he makes it known when he does move because he goes right for either my cervix or bladder.

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