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April 14th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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Marie..yuck. We've had crappy weather but it's been pretty high winds and rain. I would hate snow this late into the year.

My house is SOOOOOO quite. The little ones stayed the night at the MIL's house, all but Cole. I figured Kailyn would want to come home, cause she normally does, but I didn't even get a phone call from her.

Megan got up early this morning, to early so I knew something was up. I asked her what and she had instant tears, turns out she made her Boyfriend cry last night and she felt bad. He takes everything she says and does to personally. His sister is leaving for her mission, yesterday they had her going away party, which she went to. Today I guess is her going away speech, up at the church. He asked if she was going, but she hadn't thought about it so didn't ask me (in case I had plans), so she said no. Well to him that meant she didn't care about his family. I told her to get ready and go, but not to tell him she was going. She's there now. Sometimes I want to hit that boy upside the head, instead of seeing that she was being thoughtful of her family he takes the leap to her not liking his family. Which she does as far as I know. Hopefully he'll eat a little crow now...
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