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April 14th, 2013, 08:12 PM
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This is very much different strokes for different folks.

My friend had a 12 lbs baby vaginally... no stitches, great recovery..
Another friend had a 6lbs baby vaginal, ripped to pieces and nearly died from blood loss

Its not always the size of the prize but it very much depends on how accommodating how large mums "garden" is.

Lord knows I wasnt going to get a 8lbs 10 baby out of me and trust me, i tried 14 hours worth FROM 3cm dilated +++ I dont even want to know how long it was from the first contraction.

Some peoples bodies are great for vaginal and some babys just pop on out, like my sisters did ( first child... 6 hours labor in total..)

I will not have anyone telling me different because trust me I have been through all the "oh you should not have done a c-sec! that hospital is terrible, they know nothing"

Theres nothing worse than people who throw ceasars all into the same basket.

Its like throwing natural births into the same basket... a woman who hires a blow up bath and gets her sister over as midwife role with no medical experience to someone in a natural birthing centre with medically trained staff. Or the woman on youtube rocking back and forth on a mat in the river giving birth to a baby with flies all around it.

It isnt all black and white and personally id not write this woman off as anything considering... she is the one with a medical background compared to probably handfuls of unqualified individuals making assumptions or judgments..

Anyone know if she was like me and had a pelvimmetry scan that would show the child may not fit and thus either become an emergency and indeed literally "ruin the lady parts" to the point of hemmoraging?? is there a genetic condition in the family which would prompt her for this choice?

As for her lady parts being torn to shreds, I remember fondly the radiologist who last did my scan talking about how she, personally had to have a dozen surgeries on her parts after her natural births and she was a big advocate for c-sec after that... and she has been scanning other ladies parts since the 1980s.

Perhaps the lady in question.being in a medical profession too has seen some things that one wouldnt want to endure. When making her statement perhaps she did not care to go into what may be an array of other reasons why she wanted a c-sec.

Its just silly to me so many people would have some kind of meltdown when it comes to these things. I am sure the woman being in a medical field would be *educated* enough to make a sensible decision.....
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