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April 15th, 2013, 08:06 AM
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sorry to hear that Michelle my mom had uterine cancer, she had no symptoms other than spotting and since she is older that is a indicator. Anyway in my moms cause the tumor was very large and invading the surrounding area, so they opted to do chemo first to shrink the tumor, once that worked they did a radical hysterectomy and took out everything including lymph nodes. It was a pretty major surgery and it took her a bit to get back on her feet but she is doing well now. After surgery she had radiation and more chemo and as of her last scan she is cancer free right now. From what I understand if the tumor is confined to the uterus often times the only treatment is hysterectomy and regular follow ups, and it is highly treatable so hopefully that's all your SIL needs! Regardless it stinks I hope everything goes well for her! and maybe it isn't cancer? ya never know, they told my mom hers had spread to her liver and they were wrong, her liver biopsy was fine so until they take it out and find out for sure let's think positive and hope it isn't! They didn't confirm that my mom had cancer until they did a d&c and biopsied it. KUP

we had a nice weekend though a bit hectic, Sam had to go to urgent care for sand in his eyes, he would not open his eyes despite all my attempts to flush them out. The Dr there put numbing drops in his eyes and flushed them and he was good to go, he just has to take antibiotic drops for a few days in case there is a lingering scratch. And then yesterday Sam wacked Syd (on accident) with a baseball bat near her eye so she has a huge goose egg/bruise. Never a dull moment here I swear! in happier news my deck is stained and ready for warm weather, it looks pretty.
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