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April 15th, 2013, 10:34 AM
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Fast Forward a couple of years.....

Ryan is now a 5.5yo kid with Autism. I knew something was off the day he was born. His stomach would grumble and he would not cry for food. Ryan has had many days at the doctor office and doesn't like it there at all. He is in a preschool program for children with disabilities at a local elementary school. He is so happy there. He learned his name and age since being there. He started in April 2012. It was a long battle to get someone to listen to me about Ryan's medical needs and along the way a couple of doctors have listened. At 15 months, I got a ped gastro doctor to believe Ryan was allergic to cow's milk and at 4yo, I got a ped to RX Ryan with ASD. That ped started the process we are on now. Tomorrow, I will get the official RX from TX Children's Autism Center. Ryan's school has also RX him with Autism and a Speech impairment. Ryan loves electronics, like Nabi and Ipad. He will play and learn from the Ipad all day long, Ryan likes outside for about 15 minutes then he is done. He over heats quickly. His face turns red, even his ears go bright red.

Liam is the total opposite of Ryan, He is talking, asking why, getting into everything, and he won't sit still. Liam loves outside, except when cold. Liam is on ECI due to a speech delay that he overcame with some helpful therapists. Liam gets his yearly evaluation on 4/29 and I believe he will test out of ECI. Yeah Liam! Liam had to spend 10 days at TX Children's hospital when he was about 3.5 weeks old. He wasn't having good bowel movements. His butt was raw and his tummy was round. He was RX with anal stenosis. With the help of different dilators, I was able to enlarge the anal opening and all is well.

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