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April 15th, 2013, 12:26 PM
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I guess I'll try and explain the situation again. He was 9.5 at birth yes, but he was still quite small. His arms and legs are skinny. He eats very well, has the recommended number of wet diapers. He never has had me concerned about being dehydrated (uric crystals..etc)

He was weighed at birth, lost about 10% before leaving the hospital and a lactation consultant came to our house on Dec 26th (his bday was the 22nd) and he was weighed again and he was gaining (They were concerned because he had a severe tongue tie and I had a C section so my milk took a lil while to come in) He had gained the 10% back and then some. We didn't even supplement the recommended doses of formula because I had faith in my own milk to do the trick.

When he was around 3 months he screamed at a certain hour (lasting about 4) everynight for a week. We took him to urgent care, thats when he weighed 11.6. Noone seemed concerned, they even commented on how alert and strong he was. The Dr said it was just gas.

Now this Thursday will be his 1st visit with his ped. My husband and I aren't huge fans on western medicine and care so we haven't taken him.

2 Months

This was taken the other day

He seems to be hitting all of his milestones. To me he looks like a happy healthy baby. I have an appointment with the Dr to make sure, and I just came on here to see what everyone had to say. I was sure justmommies motta was the friendliest places for moms and moms to be, maybe I was wrong.
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