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April 15th, 2013, 10:05 PM
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The day care E goes to has cameras... There are two cameras in each room, and you can log in at anytime to see your child. You can also go back to earlier times in the day to see what was going on. If I have time I will log in several times during the workday to watch him for a minute or two, and will usually go back to see what he was doing earlier in the day. I always like to see where he is sleeping (sometimes his cot is in a different place), and will watch for a longer period as I go back to find him at naptime.

Today as I was watching I saw something that I had to address with the day care! As the room was preparing for naptime another kid was laying on E's cot, and he was going around to other cots trying to find one to lay on, lol. Anyway, the teacher was getting all the cots set up and directing kids to their cots. She got to Evan and picked him up by his upper left arm, then proceeded to carry/drag him to his cot! While it looked like he initially might've tried to walk, she just kept on going which resulted him dangling right over floor. She then plopped him on his cot on his back. She pulled a pillow out from under him (causing his body to move) and tossed it behind his cot. Total this all lasted around 7-8 seconds (3 of that was when E was dangling) It all looked horrible on the video, and I showed my coworkers to get their opinion, and then I called the day care. I didn't think it was malicious, but it was inappropriate! When I called the day care, they said they would look at the video and address it, then discuss it with me when I picked E up.

When I got there to pick up E the administrator admitted that the video looked bad, and her verbal reaction to the video caught the attention of others who also came in to watch the video. lol (She said she and the other administrator had both commented out loud "ooooh... that looks bad" which caused the business manager to come in too... The business manager was in agreement) They removed the teacher from the room so they could show her the video and talk to her about it, and they said she was mortified. The teacher said the cots were really close together (I agree, they did look to be close together... probably a couple feet) but admitted that it looked like she flung E. The administrator said the teacher felt really bad about it all, and that she really likes E. The day are going to keep an eye on it, and assured me it wouldn't happen again. They emphasized to the teacher that that sort of behavior isn't acceptable anyway, and emphasized the fact that there are CAMERAS watching at all times!

I am so glad I called though. The teacher is brand new, and really young, so it's important that she knows what she did wasn't right. I still don't think it was malicious, just a bad decision. I hope she learns from this experience!

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