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April 16th, 2013, 04:55 AM
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Hello everybody!

Long time no see. For those who don't remember me, I was here during our pregnancy, then for the first 5 or so months after our babies were born, then I had to move to Denmark for my husband's job and my mom got cancer at the same time, and I went into an awful depression. I have checked in once or twice a year since, but now am almost finally "back to normal" after the worst 2 years of my life. I am even teaching at the local university, and made 100% on my recent Danish exam.

Tiberius is in Danish daycare, or "dagpleie," and at 3 years old, in June, he goes to Danish Kindergarten (bornehavn). Since he started daycare here at about 17 months old, he is bilingual in Danish as well as English. We are all well, and our two elderly dachshunds we brought from Oregon are still happy and well too.

So nice to see all the familiar names and faces, and all your beautiful children. Here is a pic of Tiberius at a party at his daycare two months ago.

Lots of love to you all - though I have been scarce (in all areas of my life in the past 2 years!), I have thought of you all and our group often.

Voodoo Lady
(Christy Lowe)

Voodoo Lady (Christy Lowe) and Tiberius

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