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April 16th, 2013, 05:46 AM
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Good morning!

Thanks, Kim! I think the general feeling is that once the uterus & friends are out and the chemo is done she'll be good to go. Just need to get through the next few months. That's what we're going with And hopefully that will be that. She's feeling good and positive but really, really dreading the chemo.

Your poor, battered kids, Kim! The injuries always seem to come in waves, eh? I feel like now that spring is really here and we're more active outside there will be a lot of tumbles, bumps and lumps ahead of us.

I'm trying anew strategy where I only let Holly nap for an hour in the afternoon (she usually goes at least 2 hours) in hopes of making bedtime smoother and wakes ups later. She's still sleeping right now so I'm calling it a success! She's usually up around 6:30. Hopefully this continues to be a thing

Have a good Tuesday, ladies!

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